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Excellent Quality

  • All of our data centers have multiple external routers to ensure better redundancy.
  • Broadband over 4T is sufficient to withstand a large number of attacks from all over the world.
  • Having 600G bandwidth from China's three major telecoms makes us a Tier-2 supplier.

Precise Detection Technology

  • Precise technology can block a wide range of DDoS attack types, including TCP SYN+ACK, TCP FIN, TCP RESET, TCP ACK, TCP ACK+PSH, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, Brute Force, Connection Flood, DNS Flood, Ping of Death, Malformed Header, Reflected ICMP & UDP, etc.

Serious Monitoring System

  • 24 x 7 x 365 strict monitoring, our team will monitor traffic to quickly identify and block a large number of attacks as early as possible.
  • Quickly clarifies and triages each issue and works with the second-line team.
  • Provide a customer-friendly website to monitor real-time conditions.

Net Cleaning

  • Cooperate with top-tier upstream providers to provide the best latency and the smallest packet loss.
  • We work closely with our upstream suppliers to ensure that any known issues are resolved promptly.

BGP DDoS Defense Service

In order to protect your server, BGP introduces Anti-DDoS architecture to help customers protect it. With an enhanced filtering mechanism to limit the number of queries, as well as pre-detection and intelligent defense solutions, this mode will provide your server and network with powerful cleaning capabilities to avoid any possible threats.

When BGP detects that customers are threatened by DDoS, it will provide basic IP cleaning as required, and filter according to abnormal IP. We can direct your website traffic into our dedicated global defense system without interfering with your connection and keep the server secure. Afterwards, through the report of the intelligent Anti-DDoS system, we will work with our partners to strengthen our resources against external threats.

Stopping DDoS attacks may sound complicated, but our defense systems fit perfectly into any IT budget, providing you with protection against threats that could rob you of your resources.

DDOS Mitigation

  • Expand DDoS prevention for L3/L4 layers
  • Large-volume cleaning for the application layer
  • Mitigation modes available:
  • 'Permanent' or 'Activated on demand'
  • Preventive Mitigation (Flow Baseline)
  • MPLS/VPN option: Through the MPLS/IP VPN path, ensure that the traffic is anonymous and secure through the BGP global defense network to reach the customer's data center.
  • GRE option: through GRE to establish a channel system hidden on the Internet, through the BGP global defense system to clean and reach the customer's data center.
  • Internet direct connection option: Send clean traffic through a direct connection at the third layer of the network.

Traffic Monitoring

The BGP network operation center monitors abnormal traffic on the router all the time, gives early warning and makes countermeasures against threats.

  • Help users to detect and prevent threatening layer 3 and layer 4 DDoS attacks in advance.
  • Netflow, Sflow and Jflow data evaluation.

BGP Traffic Specification

BGP traffic specification, monitored by the BGP network operation center, responding quickly to external threats, delivering reports that comply with ACL rules, and eliminating DDoS attacks through the following methods:

  • Reliable monitoring: For traffic access, strictly inspect and monitor the known traffic rate.
  • Strategic analysis: Analyze complex traffic through Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) redirection, its technologies include: Netflow, Sflow and Jflow data evaluation.
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