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45+ Locations

On 6 Continents

2200+ Peers

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Available Services

Choose from an array of different plans and services to suit your needs.

Cloud Server

The cloud server provides various instance types such as general-purpose, computing, and memory-based, adapting to diversified business needs Learn More

Physical Server

Selected T3+ datacenter, access to CN2, CTGNet, HGC, HKBN, HE, HKIX to build a global high-speed network, 7*24H gold medal technical service Learn More


Go global with our custom and secure facilities and privately-owned data center. From full to quarter racks, everything is tailored for your business needs. Learn More


End-to-end International Private Leased Circuit service Learn More

Global IP Transit

For ISPs and ICPs to access global internet resources Learn More


DDoS Network Protection Service Learn More

Fast, Reliable, Secure, and Affordable Services

Since day one our main goal has been to provide high quality hosting at an affordable price to every client, big or small.
Without successful clients, we wouldn't be around, which is what pushes us to provide the best service possible without compromising on quality or features.

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What can we offer?

We offer a wide range of server solutions for operating systems such as Linux, Microsoft Windows and UNIX. Customers can choose from different levels (beginner to mission-critical advanced) of servers, as well as the best system software and tools, so you will agree that our server solutions are great value for money.

Our Network

Sun Network Global Communications Pte. Limited submarine cable systems are all over the world and can directly connect to many countries. Our Internet data center ensures that customers' multimedia information can reach the target audience in the most direct and effective way or user. Our connections are all over the world. In addition to working closely with local and overseas Internet exchanges, internet service providers and network connection stations, we can also use gigabit network connection services to connect to the Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX), and Connect with regions and countries such as the United States, China, Taiwan, Asia and Europe to ensure that the services provided surpass their peers.

Our Data Center

The data center meets the international T3 + standard. 24-hour constant temperature system, 24-hour security system, gas automatic fire extinguishing system, UPS uninterruptible power supply protection, raised anti-static platform, providing a safe, stable and high-speed platform to customers.

Global Datacenter


Our Hosting Platform

Packed with features so that you can spend less time managing your website or server and more time focusing on your business.

7×24 network support

Our engineers with more than ten years of operation and maintenance experience will solve the problem for you in the first time, and the service is 7×24 hours.

CN2 Network

Our high-speed bandwidth direct connection includes China Telecom two-way CN2 direct connection, China Unicom and China Mobile, fully covering domestic backbone nodes, providing high redundancy and low latency China connection. To provide High stability, 99.9% online guarantee.

Sound Infrastructure

The equipment in our data center uses well-known brands in the industry to ensure the stability of the server. Our equipment is managed by our professional operation and maintenance team to provide users with the best experience. Target.

One-stop Service Provider

When it comes to building networks and data centers, just buy and use for instant solutions without the hassle of referencing anyone else!

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